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A HUGE thank you to Aro from @bigmamasnpapas Pizza for your support and generosity!!! 100% of the proceeds from your purchase of my Artsakh painting was donated to @armeniafund. Aro jan, it was great seeing you today and I am very happy to know that my painting is in good hands!!! Let us all continue to support our country in these trying times, in every way we can! Either by donating or spreading awareness! ✊🏼🇦🇲🎨🍕❤️

Artsakh is Armenia Original


Original piece. 
8”x8”, Watercolor on Paper, 2020

Auction will end 10/7/2020 at 9pm

So lets start the bidding at $100

Edit: Current Highest bid is $1,500 (auction started on my FB page)

Auction will end at 9pm today!

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